Volunteers Fuel Our Movement

NARAL volunteers fuel our movement and deserve to be celebrated every day for their commitment to fighting to protect and expand reproductive freedom for every body.

In 2020, as part of our largest-ever electoral program, NARAL volunteers left nothing to chance and worked day in and day out to mobilize reproductive freedom voters across the nation. Thanks to their tireless efforts, we…

  • Made over 1.3 million calls
  • Sent more than 1 million texts
  • Mailed nearly 50,000 postcards
  • Led over 400 virtual events

The NARAL volunteer network fuels our movement. We’re only a few months into 2021, and NARAL volunteers are working right now to fight back against anti-choice state legislators’ onslaught of attacks on reproductive freedom. Already, over 290 anti-choice bills have been introduced, advanced, or passed in state legislatures.

These attacks won’t go away overnight — but we’ll keep fighting until reproductive freedom is for every body. If you haven’t already, complete a volunteer shift with us and get a free NARAL face mask. And if you haven’t volunteered before, don’t worry! NARAL organizers can’t wait to show you the ropes — while belting out to some of our favorite resistance songs, of course.


NARAL Pro-Choice America is fighting for reproductive freedom for every body.