Trump Is Giving Family Planning Dollars to Anti-Birth Control Orgs

Trump’s HHS is now intentionally diverting Title X funds (read: your tax dollars) to anti-choice, anti-birth control organizations.

NARAL Pro-Choice America members attend a rally in D.C. to protest Trump’s domestic gag rule

Stripping Funds away from Abortion Providers

The Trump-Pence administration’s finalized “domestic gag rule” prohibits Title X clinics from providing abortion care for their patients or even referring those patients for abortion care, even if a patient specifically requests it. In short, Trump’s HHS has bullied abortion providers into two impossible choices — stop providing abortion care and comprehensive medical information to patients who need it or lose the funding that helps them provide birth control access to the low-income folks who rely on them for care. Both are devastating options that will harm people across the country, just as the Trump-Pence administration and their anti-choice allies intend. Trump’s goal here is clear: Coerce abortion providers into cutting their services and strip affordable birth control access away from low-income people.

Diverting Tax Dollars Into Anti-Choice Organizations

It’s absolutely no coincidence that the domestic gag rule is taking Title X funds away from reproductive healthcare clinics at the same time that HHS is pumping those funds into anti-choice organizations. It’s also no coincidence that the Trump official who now oversees Title X is a former administrator of these exact same organizations, known as fake women’s health centers or so-called “crisis pregnancy centers.” This is a strategic and intentional re-structuring of Title X that is designed to impose extreme right-wing values on our bodies and decimate access to abortion care, birth control, and medically-accurate reproductive health information. While actual healthcare providers are losing crucial funds, the Trump-Pence administration is diverting those funds into fake women’s health centers like Obria Group, which has now been gifted MILLIONS in tax dollars.

Shocker: It Doesn’t Work

While Trump’s domestic gag rule is unprecedented, states like Texas have tried out a similar policy — with absolutely catastrophic results. In 2011 Texas stripped family planning funds from abortion providers, forcing more than 25% of reproductive healthcare clinics across the state to close. By 2014, 96% of Texas counties had zero abortion providers, just as the state’s conservative legislature intended. Rather than funding actual healthcare, anti-choice politicians diverted millions and millions of dollars to the anti-choice organization “Heidi Group,” who is conveniently now associated with Obria. Heidi Group was never qualified to provide reproductive healthcare, despite promising it would serve 69,000 Texans in its first year receiving state funds. The organization spent most of the taxpayer money it was given and only provided services to 3,300 people. Meanwhile, there was a 27% spike in unintended pregnancies for low-income people enrolled in Medicaid, and pregnancy-related deaths in Texas DOUBLED.

NARAL Pro-Choice America is fighting for reproductive freedom for every body.

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