The Top 5 Anti-Choice, Anti-Science Myths You’ll Probably Hear from the “March for Life”

Myth #1: “Abortion is dangerous.”

Via @March_for_Life Twitter, 1/25/18

Myth #2: “Abortion causes breast cancer.”

Via @nrlc Twitter, 4/5/17

Myth #3: “Abortion pill reversal” exists.”

Via @LiveAction Twitter, 9/29/18

Myth #4: “Having an abortion will make you depressed.”

Via @AUL on Twitter, 11/2/17

Myth #5: “Banning abortion is “pro-life.”

Via @LifeNewsHQ Twitter, 10/18/18

Anti-Choice, Anti-Science

The anti-choice establishment has been dangerously effective at using these lies to restrict access to basic reproductive healthcare across the country. Thanks to extensive networks of dark money, prominent anti-choice activists sit in influential roles across the Trump administration, have unprecedented power over our courts, and are introducing some of the most extreme legislation ever seen.



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