How the Supreme Court Could Take Away Your Reproductive Freedom

  1. The Court struck down an identical law just four years ago. In 2016, the Court heard Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt. An admitting privileges law was also at issue in that case, and the Court struck it down. Now, the Court is hearing June Medical, a case identical to the one they heard four years ago. By even taking this case, the Court is showing a willingness to ignore precedent in order to accomplish its anti-choice majority’s dangerous, ideological agenda.
  2. This is the first major abortion rights case before the Court since it gained an anti-choice majority. The Court hasn’t heard a major case on abortion since anti-choice Justice Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed. Now that the Court has a majority hostile to Roe, there’s a chance that they’ll take the first opportunity they get to attack reproductive freedom.
  3. This case is part of a larger strategy to chip away at the right to abortion and punish women and doctors. This case could give the green light to anti-choice politicians in other states to pass similar laws to roll back our reproductive freedom. Since Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Court, extreme bans on abortion were introduced, passed, or signed in 31 states just last year — and there are at least two dozen cases in the pipeline that could completely overturn Roe v. Wade.
  1. Join us at the Supreme Court on March 4. We’ll be rallying with other reproductive freedom activists and advocates at the Supreme Court to show every anti-choice extremist what’s going to happen if they take away our fundamental freedoms. We need to defend Roe v. Wade and let anti-choice politicians everywhere know that we won’t be silent in the face of these unprecedented attacks on our rights.
  2. Arm yourself against disinformation. Spreading disinformation is one of the primary tactics that anti-choice politicians use to distract from their dangerous and unpopular agenda — and it spreads like wildfire through online echo chambers. Be prepared to fight back against false claims about abortion and educate yourself and others on the truth of the matter. There are countless medical studies and journals that dispute some of the most popular anti-choice myths, and NARAL Pro-Choice America’s Opposition Research Department has outlined some of the anti-choice movement’s favorite tactics. By knowing what false claims you’re likely to hear and how to dispute them, you’ll be able to help stop the spread of dangerous disinformation.
  3. Support champions of reproductive freedom. With our rights at stake like never before, we’re putting everything on the line to elect champions for reproductive freedom up and down the ballot. We need to kick this anti-choice administration out of the White House and make Donald Trump a one-term president. We need to elect a pro-choice majority in the U.S. Senate. And we need to expand our majority in the House to proactively protect our reproductive freedom.



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