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  • Shannon B. Tanner

    Shannon B. Tanner

    Para medical esthetician. Human rights advocate with a deep inner call to be involved in ending discrimination everywhere.

  • Emma Ferguson

    Emma Ferguson

    Software Engineer at Samsara

  • Julie M

    Julie M

    Lifelong learner/unlearner.

  • Susan DeLaurier

    Susan DeLaurier

    I'm a happy girl-former #hutterite. Married to a Marine-Love God, my man, my family, the #LAKINGS, my country and politics. #RN work for the @navy.

  • Pippa Curran

    Pippa Curran

    Teller of Stories | Creator of Worlds | Imaginer of Adventures | Author of Whimsy | Collector of Moments | XR Developer | Creative Technologist | Super Nerd

  • Melissa Mark-Viverito

    Melissa Mark-Viverito

    Speaker, @NYCCouncil | Representing District 8 (El Barrio/East Harlem and the South Bronx)

  • American Women

    American Women

    A new organization affiliated with @emilyslist aiming to amplify the voices of women across the country

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