Day 2 Recap: Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s Senate Confirmation Hearings

Question after question, Senator by Senator — Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson is proving to be incredibly impressive, experienced and worthy of her nomination to our nation’s highest court.
A #WomensHistoryMonth moment to remember: @SenFeinstein , who was the first woman to serve as ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, questions Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson — the first Black woman nominated to serve on the U.S. Supreme Court. #ConfirmJackson
Watching Judge Jackson testify, it is clear why @POTUS nominated her for #SCOTUS — and indeed, why she was his very FIRST appointment to ANY federal judicial post.
. @SenBlumenthal : “As I look at your parents, and your husband, and your daughters, what I see is America — and the best of America. I think we should all feel that excitement & pride in this moment…You will make the Court look more like America but also THINK more like America.”
KBJ: “Public confidence in the Court is crucial…I am honored to accept the president’s nomination in part because I know it means so much to so many people…I am here standing on the shoulders of generations of Americans who never had anything close to this kind of opportunity.”
. @SenatorLeahy : “You’re going to be the first former federal public defender on the Court. You’re going to be the first nominee since Justice Thurgood Marshall with a significant background in criminal defense…All of us should want that represented on the Court.” #ConfirmJackson
“As a lawyer and as a citizen, I care deeply about our Constitution and the rights that make us free.” Watch Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson explain the critical role that public defenders play in our justice system and in preserving our Constitution. #JusticeForAll #ConfirmJackson
Sen. Feinstein on gender equity: If KBJ is confirmed, she would be only the 6th woman to ever serve on the SCOTUS, and she would be one of 4 female justices on the highest court in the land. What an AMAZING opportunity. 🙏
Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson isn’t just breaking barriers — she’s opening doors and holding space for others to follow. That’s the mark of someone who will work to make sure our justice system works for all of us. She will be a #JusticeForAll. Let’s #ConfirmJackson
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