Committed to continuing to grow and improve as an organization

  • Our staff are passionate about our mission and energized by their colleagues, many saying the knowledge and dedication of their co-workers is the best thing about working at NARAL;
  • There is good communication with leadership, on teams, and between departments;
  • Most staff feel safe at work and believe they are treated fairly, are respected, and heard.
  • Making the promotion process more clear and transparent and doubling down on efforts to retain staff;
  • Building trust between the executive team and the staff, a majority of whom were not confident that the weaknesses identified in the survey would be addressed in a timely manner;
  • Changes to the workplace to make it a better place to work — addressing retention issues and turnover rates and ensuring diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts rise to the top as priorities, including recruiting and retaining diverse staff (particularly around ability/disability).
  • Hiring the Chief Diversity Officer position to sit on the executive team and report to the president and ensure the highest-level priority to our critical work around diversity, equity, and inclusion;
  • Clarifying and sharing policies around promotion and our salary bands (including the results of the salary scan we recently commissioned to benchmark salary standards in our industry);
  • Continuing to invest in meaningful professional development for our staff;
  • And assessing and potentially restructuring our staff review process.



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NARAL Pro-Choice America is fighting for reproductive freedom for every body.