Be Bold, End Hyde

2 min readJul 23, 2020


Our budgets are a reflection of our priorities.

What is the Hyde Amendment?

The Hyde Amendment (and related restrictions) is a discriminatory federal policy that bans abortion services and insurance coverage in government-administered health-care programs except in very limited cases. This far-reaching policy affects many programs, such as Medicaid, the Indian Health Service, Federal Employees Health Benefits, Tricare, and more, resulting in millions of people being denied insurance coverage for the abortion care they need.

Who does this affect most?

These bans on coverage for abortion care affect Medicaid recipients, U.S. service members and veterans, Native Americans, Peace Corps volunteers, federal employees, and others. These anti-choice restrictions disproportionately harm people of color and people who are struggling to make ends meet.

Is the Hyde Amendment discriminatory?

Yes! Representative Henry Hyde, the original sponsor of the amendment in 1976, wanted to block all access to abortion, but at the time could only restrict access for Medicaid recipients. “I certainly would like to prevent, if I could legally, anybody having an abortion, a rich woman, a middle-class woman, or a poor woman,” he said. “Unfortunately, the only vehicle available is… the Medicaid bill.”[1] Because people of color make up 59% of Medicaid recipients, his dream has now become a racist reality.[2]

Can you tell me more about what Rep. Pressley is doing?

Rep. Pressley has pledged to file an amendment to the Labor, Health and Human Services, Education, and Related Agencies (LHHS) appropriations bill removing the abortion coverage ban from the bill, stating:

“Let me be clear, discriminatory abortion bans like the Hyde Amendment are blatantly racist and perpetuate systems of oppression and white supremacy that target people of color — especially Black people — and their bodily autonomy.

This first ever pro-choice majority in the House of Representatives has a mandate and a responsibility to stand up for reproductive rights and justice for all, not just those who can afford it.[1]”

So what can we do?

Tweet at President Biden now to tell him to end Hyde once and for all.

And if you haven’t already, please donate to support NARAL in the fight to ensure reproductive freedom is for every body, everywhere — no matter where you live or how much money you make.




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