Abortion is on the Ballot this November

West Virginia

In just a few weeks, West Virginians will vote on Amendment One, a ballot measure that, if passed, would:


Like West Virginia’s dangerous Amendment One ballot initiative, Alabama’s Amendment Two makes anti-choice extremism official state policy. This measure would amend the Constitution of Alabama to:


Unfortunately, this wave of attacks on reproductive freedom is not limited to red states. Oregon is the only state in the country that hasn’t passed any abortion restrictions since the landmark decision of Roe v. Wade in 1973, making it the seemingly most pro-choice state across the nation. But that fact hasn’t stopped Oregon’s anti-choice extremists from collecting just enough signatures to put a dangerous anti-choice initiative on Oregon’s ballot. Measure 106 would:

Our Rights Are on the Line

It’s more obvious than ever that reproductive freedom is literally on the ballot. If passed, these restrictions will impact countless women, many of whom already struggle to access care. Low-income women, women of color, transgender and nonbinary people, and women living in rural areas who already face barriers in accessing abortion will be disproportionately impacted by these initiatives.



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